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Our Design Pipeline

What goes in, and what comes out.

Graphic Design

Empathize & Familiarize

We begin by grasping your brand’s unique aspirations, characteristics, and preferences to set the groundwork for groundbreaking design.

Graphic Design

Elaboration & Specification

The nitty gritty of your unique design motif & philosophy is laid out first. Zeroing in to ideal and functional design features just for you.

Graphic Design

Ideation & Mapping

Once we know who you are and what your brand represents, the next step is creating a roadmap and setting a practical design timeframe.

Graphic Design

Prototyping & Creation

The most fun aspect of our design journey, prototyping & generating design variants is an entertaining exercise in personalisation for both parties.

Graphic Design

Tests & Trials

The final step in our design pipeline, we ensure that everything runs seamlessly across all devices, and every detail renders with perfection.

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Tools of our trade

What we design on

Corel Draw
Adobe Experience Design

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