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Our Printing Pipeline

From Drafting Designs to Printing

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Preparing Design

Every printing job starts with a great design. In this very first step, we make decisions regarding the attributes of a design and process it further.

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Next, we estimate the printing cost, which is done once we know about the final design and the specifications of the items to be printed.

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In this step, a soft copy or an eProof of the digital art file is prepared. This soft copy shows how and what the final printed piece will look like.

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At this stage, your printed materials are produced on press with high-quality prints and accurate colours for crisp and professional-looking results.

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Bindery and Finishing

At this level, the printed materials are processed further for final output. They are trimmed, folded, scored, punched, batched, etc., to meet the details of the final product.

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This is the final step in the printing process where the printed material is delivered to the client. We feel excited to hear feedback from our satisfied clients!

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